In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 38

   This episode is so badly animated! I mean Usagi's face is a bit too round at times, and several characters facial expressions don't match the situations. Also the re-shown bits of the last episode are just shoddily edited in, especially in the original English dub. It makes it seem like Zirconia just popped out of the story. Speaking of baddies and things popping out when exactly is the Golden Crystal switch supposed to have happened? Also is it just me who thinks it would be logical for the Queen to be sent back into exile, or at least notice a drop in power, due to the switch?

  Finally while I think neither episode is an improvement over the manga, or good in general, I have to say that the Japanese dub is less annoying with the "Heart Of The Cards" cliche.


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