In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 1

  This episode feels like a badly edited movie. I mean the animation is good enough, but the way the focus shifts was very offsetting. Not to mention this is the first episode where a villain is not completely defeated. Sure some of the mirror Nelehenia's are defeated on the roof, but there is still the real deal to defeat, and we never saw the regular cast fight. Speaking of that fight I feel cheated that Haruka is saved from an awesome death fall with an enemy and from falling at all with no explanation. Finally I really feel that this will be one of the better episodes in this final season/series.

  Questions! So does Usagi expect to get married at 16? Was anyone getting a lesbian vibe from how Usagi and Minako were looking and acting during their talk of "make-up exams?" Why does Queen Nelehenia not doubt or truly question the voice? For that matter why does she not freak out when the seal is broken? Cause she should be worried about aging when the seal is breaking. Shouldn't Usagi be more freaked by Mamoru's eye? If the mirror shards were falling like meteors shouldn't Mamoru be blind or more dead?


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