In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 3

  This episode feels like Sailor moon only during the transformation and due to certain elements like character designs. Otherwise this feels like some other kind of anime such as X. I mean the tone is way darker than necessary. In fact it is so dark in tone that I literally thought the first broken mirror scene would result in a bloody bit of self-harm for the generic possessed schoolgirl.

  Sailor Moon to me is and has been romantic, dramatic, goofy, and fantastical. Thus from my viewpoint this episode was made with no understanding of the franchise.

   Questions! How much worse will it get? Will future episodes start feeling episodic and not like cut up bits of movies? When do the Sailor Stars get introduced? Does anyone else think they basically okayed the wrongness of hitting loved ones in this episode when Usagi responds to Chibi-Usa after being hit?


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