In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Super S Episode 39

  This final episode of Sailor Moon Super S is annoying for several reasons: The Japanese is arguably worse in how they made Queen Nehelenia uncertain of what was happening when carrying Chibi-Usa up the stairs. Also Sailor Moon should easily have caught up to the queen on those stairs due to the former running and the latter just walking. Not to mention both versions completely screwed up Nehelenia's backstory. I also think the animation was obviously cheap in almost every scene. Finally there is the fact that Nehelenia is going to return in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Ugh!

   Questions! Is Zirconia still supposed to be Nehelenia in this anime like she is in manga? Why did they decide to re-use the Queen for the final season/series instead of doing a shorter run? For that matter why not create one more set of original villains (such as Season 2 did) for the beginning of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars? Is Helios a boy or a man? Why was the Pegasus form not explained away like in the manga? Did no one on the animation crew care about the floating heads of Nehelenia subjects? Can this anime creep me out anymore?

  Final thought for this season: It had a few good episodes, but I honestly feel the manga worked better.

Note: This is the last episode of the original English dubbing. So starting next week I will not be comparing the final season to anything until the final episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Also unless we get official releases of the live action shows or some continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal I will be moving on to Robotech after this next season and the final manga for Sailor Moon: Codename: Sailor V.


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