Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Agent Flashpan Edition

1. Agent X #3 (2002) has some broken back syndrome for the female cast. It also has what feels like a  poorly executed attempt to backdoor a new series via the introduction of Mary Zero. Finally there are some perspective and consistency problems in the Fast Food scene.

2. They're Not Like Us issues 4-6 (2015) still present very unlikable characters, and each issue requires all the previous issues to be understood properly.

3. Rogue #1 (2004) looks horribly rushed due to the lack of detail in minimalism and the amount minimalism utilized. As for the writing Juggernaut seems out of character regarding how he acted towards kids during this period of time. Finally the story has no real hook to grab the reader except for the cliffhanger ending.

4. "The Warriors Of Lightning Valley!" from Superman #271 (1974) has a sexist ending. Also it is more a generic sword and sorcery tale than a story about an ancient version of Krypton.


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