Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Dour Inhumans Rubber Duckies Edition

1. Doctor Tomorrow #3 (1997) has one font mistake and several moments of characters looking off model. Though the main problem is the script being too bland.

2. Tranformers: Robots In Disguise #1 (2012) is overly crowded in the group shots. Also this issue feels like both a continuation of previous narratives and like it is "made for a trade." Finely it seems more like a "talking heads" generic political science fiction story with Transformers characters.

3. Inhumans #1 (1998) has some lettering that is too similar to the backgrounds of certain panels. Also the exposition is a bit heavy-handed. Last but not least I have to point out that except for some set-up questions nothing happens.

4. The Sentry #1 (2005) has inconsistent character designs and proportions. Also The Sentry is overpowered and labeled with mental illnesses that are not correctly displayed. Thus he is a boring and insulting character. Finally despite being the start a limited series it instead feels like a one-off issue.


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