Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Flash Meet Eobard Zoom Edition

1. The Flash Volume 8 Zoom Softcover (2016) is by and far the worst Reverse-Flash story I have ever read. It both uses the retcon of Eobard Thawne (alias Professor Zoom alias the Reverse-Flash) killing Barry Allen's mother and totally wrecks everything else. It sloppily combines the histories and motivations of Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon (Zoom) while reducing Eobard to a would-be dictator. In other words it is a perfect example of why I do not recommend the majority of "New 52" stories.

2. Both the Nick Fury and Doctor Strange stories from Strange Tales #158 are not recommended. Both are too text heavy even by Silver Age Standards. Not to mention the art for Doctor Strange seems to be a little bit too static. Though the Nick Fury art is a little better it suffers from a lack of background and the text telling us what we are seeing. Finally both feel like incomplete experiences.

3. Speaking of issues that have two characters starring in seperate tales we also have The Flash #231 (1975). In the first story we have the Flash being more of antagonist than a protagonist. Heck, he actually has very little motivation to go after The Rogues in this story. But the main reason I am not recommending this story is all the wasted potential it contains as a story and a possible start to an annual tradition. Next we have the just poorly written Green Lantern story that feels very incomplete.

4. The Daisy BB gun advert found in The Flash #231 has a tiny illustration of kids holding guns and a trick question. Shouldn't it not be a trick question about gun safety since this stupid advert was aimed at kids. Also the advertisement says "(from 8 on up)" in regards to acceptable ages. What in the world were these people thinking.


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