Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Team Titans Gone Edition

1. Team Titans #1 (1992, Redwing Origin Edition) is not recommended due to how it divides up the team members origins into separate versions of this issue. Meaning that while I read about Redwing's origin I learned nothing about the rest of the team. Also the writing is heavy-handed in both stories. Finally there are some weird facial expressions in the origin.

2. Jupiter's Legacy Vol. 1 (2015) is mostly fine on a technical level, but reads like a movie pitch featuring generic de-constructions of superheroes. Enjoyable to read, but lacking real substance and reeking of wasted potential.

3. The Zatanna story "The Boy Who Never Smiled" from Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #132 (1973) has Zatanna's spells being said with additional details happening for no reason. Also she apparently does one bit of magic without speaking. Not to mention that the child in question does not talk like any "average nine-year old" would. There is also the fact that the narrative ends rather abruptly.

4. The Lois Lane feature called "The Second Superman!" from Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #132 (1973). It has Superman acting like an idiot, a weak plot, and finally a messed up ending. The final reason is how Lois Lane is in this tale apparently a nurse part-time when she isn't a reporter. So essentially this story, and the issue as a whole, is a proverbial train wreck.


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