Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 X Typo Edition

1. Sonic X #1 (2005) has so many flaws, including a boring story and various typos, that it is laughably bad.

2. The Phantom Stranger story called "Kenny and The Demon" from Action Comics Weekly #610 (1988) is too dark in its color palette. Also the characterization is pretty much stock level in a story that simply complains about everyday situations. Finally the ending is abrupt and nonsensical.

3. Also from Action Comics Weekly #610 is the Black Canary story called "Bitter Fruit part 2." The main problem here is the lack of answers regarding what is going on. While the other problem is the panel layout of certain pages is oddly designed.

4. The story "Introducing MELBA!" from Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #132 (1973) is overall weak. Though I can see some potential in the plot, and overall narrative, the lack of set-up for various parts is what kills this story. Of course there is also the action visuals (and one non-action visual) being ill thought-out that hinders the narrative as well.


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