Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Supreme Buttons Edition

1. So Buttons #1 (2013 on digital [ComiXology]) has a table of contents that one has to ignore due to how differently the stories are sequenced. Though the real reason that I am not recommending this issue is due to how racist and sexist several of the stories are.

2. Supreme #55 (1997) has the lettering problem of the caption and font colors being too similar and dark. Also there is the problem of being told events that will have little consequence to the actual story after the end of the issue. In other words it is a poorly done one off issue.

3. Supreme #56 (1998) is dated in several ways, and there seems to be some issues involving the inks not working well with the pencils and colors.

4. Supreme The Return #1 (1999) is also dated. Though its main problems are that it wraps up events too quickly and is too reliant on reading Supreme #56 (1998).


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