Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hunting and Bobbing Edition

1. 2010 #1 (1985) is a bit static in motion yet is overall a visual treat for those who are looking for realistic art. Also it is still culturally relevant in a lot of ways. Finally the script is good, and the dialogue works well with the visuals.

2. Booster Gold #17 (1987) is a simple story, but it is one that showcases how to use a supporting cast well.

3. Torchwood #2 (2010) has two good comic book entries in the mythos and one decent text story. Though the art could be better in some ways I think it very much shows how British Comics defer in quality standards compared to American comics.

4. Castlevania Season 1 on Netflix (2017). Though it is not a comic book, or originally based off a comic book, it is written and executive produced by Warren Ellis. It is also a show that I first heard, via a Youtube clip from a comic convention, of Warren Ellis being attached to years ago.


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