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Secret Weapons Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The only real flaws I noticed in this issue on with summary page (bio for Rex-O and The Scavenger  has a grammar/spelling mistake) and the essay by Eric Heisserer ends too abruptly.

   As for nitpicks I have a slight problem with no one (I.E. the African-American bullies/bigots) failing to call out their white teammate for the ethnic remark. I get that all four football players are bigoted toward psiots due to fears that have been to an extent justified by those like Toyo Harada, and that it is standard in allegorical tales to diversify the bigot groups. However, throwing in real examples of bigotry muddies the allegorical example. Thus the at least one of black guys should have called their white friend/teammate out on that. Despite this problem this issue provides noteworthy characterization of the types of prejudiced thought and action we should all be fighting against.

  On the plus side I think this issue is nicely paced with some remarkable line work. Not…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 7

This episode at least feels like Sailor Moon is supposed to feel in terms of the goofiness & drama. Also I like the maturation of Usagi's personality, and the next step being taken in her and Mamoru's relationship is pleasantly surprising. The problem is that there is nothing else I really like about this episode. In fact I actually loathe the obvious shovel design many of the characters' faces have (see first cafe scene). Not to mention this episode is kind of just an obvious set-up episode with nothing else going for it. Even the gender-bend of the new heroic sailors and the forced idea of a possible love triangle are loathsome and pointless. Essentially this episode is mainly style with a minimal amount of what has worked in the past and emotional substance.

   Question! Has Sailor Moon's creator ever been asked on a scale of one to ten how angry about the gender-bend she was at the time?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Time Wine Edition

1. Time & Vine #1 (2017) has a very unique take on time travel. The art shows slight improvement from Thom Zahler's previous works. Though I did notice one expression that looked a little off, but it seemed to be a moment where two feelings were meant to be portrayed at once. In other words if this were a review it would still get a very recommended status.

2. Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #0 (2009) is very well strong the areas of line work and coloring. Though I feel it could have done more on the front of accessibility it is still a good jumping on point. It is solid work on the whole.

3. Flash #75 (1993) is decent for the most part. Though there is one panel that feels like it borders on over-sexualization. The main reason I am recommending this issue is not so much the narrative itself, but how the narrative showcases positive and negatives in relationships.

4. Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #0 (2017) is believable in a lot of ways that most contemporary jungle adventure …

Divinity (2017) Issue 0 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The visuals are unique by sequential art standards. In fact the style seems to be a cross between realism and impressionism. While the text is also high quality it is not to the same level as the art, with the exception of the lettering. The writing simply provides a recap to go with an aftermath of the events of Stalinverse. Yes, there is some additions to Abram's backstory & characterization, but for the most part it is as I said. Despite this lack of true substance we do get a solid ending to the issue which also set-ups the plot of Eternity.

  Finally I did spot two flaws. One is the forms of the aliens Aric fights look too much like earthlings. Though this could be explained away in upcoming issues of X-O Manowar. However, the second flaw is Bloodshot tending a garden while not appearing like his human self. The reason this is a problem is the mass amount of carnage caused in Bloodshot U.S.A.

My verdict: Barely makes very recommended status due to th…

In the Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 6

I don't understand why Queen Nehelenia is apparently rewarded with a redo of her past. First off this would create a massive time paradox that would erase a lot and change whatever remains. Second they don't explain how and why the scouts accomplish this feat. They could simply befriend the convoluted mess that is Nehelenia if they want to remove her loneliness.

   Going back to the idea of time paradoxes shouldn't Chibi-Usa not exist in anyone's memories or their various personal histories. I mean once she has fully disappeared time should start to erase, at least if I understand the rules of time travel established in Sailor Moon R.

   As for the animation I feel it is all over the place. While the story itself just putters out in a way that feels so messed up and lame that I see no potential way it could have been fixed.

  Question! Was this meant to be a movie rather than some of the worst filler in Sailor Moon's history as a franchise?

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Doc Goes Out Cold Edition

1. Doctor Tomorrow #4 (1997) has decent art yet lousy writing. The majority of this issue is told in the form of past tense expositional narration.

2. The Flash #284 (1980) has a fantastic cover and relatively okay art. The problem is that the story is totally terrible story. Partly this is due to some lettering problems that suggest telepathy. However, the main problem is that Cary Bates seems to not know how certain scientific and made-up concepts are supposed to work. For example if past, present and future do not exist then conversations do not happen in any form we could perceive.
3. The Avengers #236 (1983) has She-Hulk flashing Jarvis in a way that feels unnecessary for it to have happened. Another problem is how the sub-plot is weakly set-up with it barely being connected to the main story. Also the main story's plot wraps up in both an abrupt and unexpected way. Finally even without these flaws this issue has nothing really interesting going for it. 
4. Found in Doctor To…

Harbinger Renegade Issue 6 Review

While this issue has some high-quality elements I don't feel it solid enough to be given any type of recommended status. Though I think this is mainly due to how this feels more like one of Valiant's zero issues. (Said issues are special one-shot character studies.) There is also the problem of the well-crafted exposition being more present than the rest of the comic's narrative. Finally there are my personal nitpicks of the font not quite looking right in certain word balloons, and the designs, while beautifully detailed, not feeling unique enough.

   If you have it on your pull list or plan to read in trade it is an okay story, but not something I would ever recommend.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 5

This is the first episod;'e that has a single moment that does not feel animated. Though I don't know if that is the fault of Hulu/mycomputer or the animators. Said moment happens when Jupiter is confronting Queen Nehelenia. Speaking of this confrontation I have to say this was the only time the anime felt like part of the Sailor Moon mythos again. I can't really explain why except that it rung true to me.

   Next I have to say that Queen Nehelenia is apparently unable to count or be patient. In regards to the latter she easily could have increased the cold weather Usagi was slowing getting killed by. (I will admit that it is nice touch with the frost bitten feet, even if it is a very stupid thing to show in the long term.) While the former shows the Queen being inept by not considering where the other Sailor Senshi are located. Though I honestly don't know where any of them are actually located, or how they located each other.

  The only question I have is if this …

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Lois And The Thorn Edition

1. Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #127 (1972) is racist in the main story, and there is sexist dialogue/thoughts in both stories. Heck, the whole treatment of the basic split personality premise which is Rose and The Thorn is practically stereotyping women and mental health. Not to mention both stories are very weakly plotted and structured.

2. The Flash #146 (1964) has two very illogical stories featuring Barry Allen being an idiot. The first should not work due to how many ways he ends up leaving clues to expose his secret identity. However, both stories have horrible plots that should result in him being killed in several ways. The most prominent ones are exhibited on the cover.

3. The Untold Legend Of The Batman #1 (1980) is full of stupid coincidences, exposition, and Batman acting like an idiot. Waste of time!

4. The Avengers #235 (1983) has Captain America and the others mainly expositing to themselves via thought. There is very little actual interaction between any of th…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Hair Of Elf Edition

1. How many stories feature elves with mustaches as the lead?

2. Wouldn't any vampire that can grow hair avoid shaving until the advent of the safety razor? Assuming that they can't use a mirror or bespell their reflection on a mirror.

3. Speaking of the above how come vampires aren't using magic in most stories to reduce or remove their weaknesses?

4. If a vampire no longer has a digestive tract can they still heal properly via blood?

The Goon Library Volume 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This volume ranges from great to flawed yet decent. Case in point the Lizard butler's dialogue is not translated in any way so I, and several others in this world, have no idea what is being said. This is mainly a problem when he has a whole story where he is the lead. Despite problems like this the visuals are consistent and able to tell the story well enough on their own. Also the introduction essays are both amusing and informative. Overall this is a definite item to acquire if you like oversized editions of comics and love Eric Powell's work.


Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Tiger Amazon And Kid Edition

1. Superman #256 (1972) has two stories that are riddled with plot-holes. Both end abruptly and feel like they were written on the fly.

2. Rip Hunter...Time Master #5 (1961) has a plot device which starts the story, but is never explained as to how it came about. Also there are a lot of other plot holes, inconsistencies, and general stupidity.

3. The comic page advertisement titled "Roger's Super Skittle Bowl" is just odd. It features football player Roger Staubach promoting a bowling game for kids. As I said "just odd." One can find it in 1972 comics like Superman #256.

4. Marvel Chillers #2 (1975) is over written in a way that causes changes in narration, crowding of pages, and a slowed down pacing. Though I will say it is somewhat engaging if one likes Arthurian lore.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 4

What was up with the padding for Ami and Haruka's fight with the mirror Nehelenia? I mean it took way longer than it should for them to figure out that they needed to attack the darkened moon area. All I had to do was notice the dead looking moon and my mind went "attack that" because of how it correlated.

  Another thing that I noticed happen during this battle was how easily Ami and Haruka are defeated by the real Nehelenia. This lead to the following questions: Why capture the scouts in a trap (the different fake environments four of them landed in) if she could defeat them so easily in battle? In other words why are they not killed off by Nehelenia? How do none of the Sailor Guardians have massive cuts from the mirror shards that attacked and separated them?

  My final thoughts on this episode are found in the following sentences: Usagi is missing her shoes for most of this episode. Did I miss them being removed for some reason or did the art team just have someone…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Rip Hunter You Have Failed This Reader Edition

1. Rip Hunter...Time Master #9 (1962) is way too simplistic in its writing. Yeah, the art and colors are great, but they are not enough.

2. I also can't recommend the PSA called 'Superman Says: "Be a Good Citizen!"' found in Rip Hunter...Time Master #9 and other 1962 comics. This PSA tries to promote cleaning up after oneself yet it only succeeds at promoting the concept of Superdickery (Superman being a dick).

3. Amazing Adventures #29 (1975) has panels that are crowded with text. The dialogue ranges from just odd to plain exposition. There is no real characterization in either the writing or the art. While I could go on I feel saying it is as bad as the first several issues of Youngblood correctly summarizes my thoughts.

4. X-Men '92 #1 (2016) feels like an incomplete issue due to the poorly done set-up and illogical sequence of events. Also almost all the characters feel like static storyboard designs. Finally they do not act or look like the versions from…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Suspira Meets The Thing Edition

1. Suspira: The Great Working #2 (1997) is decently written and exquisitely painted. It also feels like an issue that could stand on its own merits despite being part 2 of a 4 issue series. Lastly it is very accessible for those who have not read the previous issue.

2. Marvel Two-In-One #21 (1976) is a great experimental team-up between Doc Savage and The Thing. Though I would not recommend it to those who generally hate experimental sequential narratives.

3. The Infinity Entity #1 (2016) is recommended for those wanting a more cerebral and/or cosmic narrative. Alternatively it is also a good example of how Marvel's cosmic narratives have, to an extent, fallen in terms of having a grander scope.

4. Domino #1 (2003) is pretty awesome for a first issue. It also seems like a good choice for those wanting to know more about how this character's luck power works. Though it is a bit dated due to some of the technology shown. Finally though the art and coloring are a tiny bit flawed …