In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 4

  What was up with the padding for Ami and Haruka's fight with the mirror Nehelenia? I mean it took way longer than it should for them to figure out that they needed to attack the darkened moon area. All I had to do was notice the dead looking moon and my mind went "attack that" because of how it correlated.

  Another thing that I noticed happen during this battle was how easily Ami and Haruka are defeated by the real Nehelenia. This lead to the following questions: Why capture the scouts in a trap (the different fake environments four of them landed in) if she could defeat them so easily in battle? In other words why are they not killed off by Nehelenia? How do none of the Sailor Guardians have massive cuts from the mirror shards that attacked and separated them?

  My final thoughts on this episode are found in the following sentences: Usagi is missing her shoes for most of this episode. Did I miss them being removed for some reason or did the art team just have someone who wanted to express their personal attraction to feet. I mean for crying out loud snow equals cold which means she should at least be dressed as one form of Sailor Moon. Plus we get no idea why she is powered down. Let's not forget that none of them was told where to go? Lastly while I think Mamoru looks more drugged and/or blissed out than having an "Ultimate Nightmare" the fact the Sailor Teleport is not instant in this episode is the stupidest of the flaws.

   O Fun Sailor Moon Moments Where Art Thou?


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