In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 5

   This is the first episod;'e that has a single moment that does not feel animated. Though I don't know if that is the fault of Hulu/mycomputer or the animators. Said moment happens when Jupiter is confronting Queen Nehelenia. Speaking of this confrontation I have to say this was the only time the anime felt like part of the Sailor Moon mythos again. I can't really explain why except that it rung true to me.

   Next I have to say that Queen Nehelenia is apparently unable to count or be patient. In regards to the latter she easily could have increased the cold weather Usagi was slowing getting killed by. (I will admit that it is nice touch with the frost bitten feet, even if it is a very stupid thing to show in the long term.) While the former shows the Queen being inept by not considering where the other Sailor Senshi are located. Though I honestly don't know where any of them are actually located, or how they located each other.

  The only question I have is if this filler is better or worse than the beginning filler arc of Sailor Moon R?


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