Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Doc Goes Out Cold Edition

1. Doctor Tomorrow #4 (1997) has decent art yet lousy writing. The majority of this issue is told in the form of past tense expositional narration.

2. The Flash #284 (1980) has a fantastic cover and relatively okay art. The problem is that the story is totally terrible story. Partly this is due to some lettering problems that suggest telepathy. However, the main problem is that Cary Bates seems to not know how certain scientific and made-up concepts are supposed to work. For example if past, present and future do not exist then conversations do not happen in any form we could perceive.

3. The Avengers #236 (1983) has She-Hulk flashing Jarvis in a way that feels unnecessary for it to have happened. Another problem is how the sub-plot is weakly set-up with it barely being connected to the main story. Also the main story's plot wraps up in both an abrupt and unexpected way. Finally even without these flaws this issue has nothing really interesting going for it. 

4. Found in Doctor Tomorrow #4 (1997) is an advertisement for Bloodshot #7 & 8 (Both from 1997). Said advert has two problems. The first flaw is actually a two-fold problem showcased by the following: Over-reliance on readers being familiar with both the characters mentioned in the advert causes a possible mis-understerstanding of the text based question. Next we have the problem of the reference to Mike Tyson biting someone's ear off which immediately dates the advert.


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