Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Lois And The Thorn Edition

1. Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #127 (1972) is racist in the main story, and there is sexist dialogue/thoughts in both stories. Heck, the whole treatment of the basic split personality premise which is Rose and The Thorn is practically stereotyping women and mental health. Not to mention both stories are very weakly plotted and structured.

2. The Flash #146 (1964) has two very illogical stories featuring Barry Allen being an idiot. The first should not work due to how many ways he ends up leaving clues to expose his secret identity. However, both stories have horrible plots that should result in him being killed in several ways. The most prominent ones are exhibited on the cover.

3. The Untold Legend Of The Batman #1 (1980) is full of stupid coincidences, exposition, and Batman acting like an idiot. Waste of time!

4. The Avengers #235 (1983) has Captain America and the others mainly expositing to themselves via thought. There is very little actual interaction between any of the characters. I also feel it is kind of inaccessible even to my veteran comic reader mind. Finally this story is kind of forgettable in terms of the moments in it.


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