Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Rip Hunter You Have Failed This Reader Edition

1. Rip Hunter...Time Master #9 (1962) is way too simplistic in its writing. Yeah, the art and colors are great, but they are not enough.

2. I also can't recommend the PSA called 'Superman Says: "Be a Good Citizen!"' found in Rip Hunter...Time Master #9 and other 1962 comics. This PSA tries to promote cleaning up after oneself yet it only succeeds at promoting the concept of Superdickery (Superman being a dick).

3. Amazing Adventures #29 (1975) has panels that are crowded with text. The dialogue ranges from just odd to plain exposition. There is no real characterization in either the writing or the art. While I could go on I feel saying it is as bad as the first several issues of Youngblood correctly summarizes my thoughts.

4. X-Men '92 #1 (2016) feels like an incomplete issue due to the poorly done set-up and illogical sequence of events. Also almost all the characters feel like static storyboard designs. Finally they do not act or look like the versions from the 1990s X-Men cartoon. For example Wolverine was not as tall in the cartoon as he is here.


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