Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Tiger Amazon And Kid Edition

1. Superman #256 (1972) has two stories that are riddled with plot-holes. Both end abruptly and feel like they were written on the fly.

2. Rip Hunter...Time Master #5 (1961) has a plot device which starts the story, but is never explained as to how it came about. Also there are a lot of other plot holes, inconsistencies, and general stupidity.

3. The comic page advertisement titled "Roger's Super Skittle Bowl" is just odd. It features football player Roger Staubach promoting a bowling game for kids. As I said "just odd." One can find it in 1972 comics like Superman #256.

4. Marvel Chillers #2 (1975) is over written in a way that causes changes in narration, crowding of pages, and a slowed down pacing. Though I will say it is somewhat engaging if one likes Arthurian lore.


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