Recommended Comics List Of 4 Suspira Meets The Thing Edition

1. Suspira: The Great Working #2 (1997) is decently written and exquisitely painted. It also feels like an issue that could stand on its own merits despite being part 2 of a 4 issue series. Lastly it is very accessible for those who have not read the previous issue.

2. Marvel Two-In-One #21 (1976) is a great experimental team-up between Doc Savage and The Thing. Though I would not recommend it to those who generally hate experimental sequential narratives.

3. The Infinity Entity #1 (2016) is recommended for those wanting a more cerebral and/or cosmic narrative. Alternatively it is also a good example of how Marvel's cosmic narratives have, to an extent, fallen in terms of having a grander scope.

4. Domino #1 (2003) is pretty awesome for a first issue. It also seems like a good choice for those wanting to know more about how this character's luck power works. Though it is a bit dated due to some of the technology shown. Finally though the art and coloring are a tiny bit flawed in the final pages they are still pretty high in quality for a comic of its time.


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