Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 #10 Review With Spoilers And Some Opinion

Opinion: I don't condone what Kai Cole has alleged Joss Whedon did. Also I believe that Buffy The Vampire Slayer is more about the various fans views of it than Joss Whedon's or any corporate entities views. Thus I will continue to review Buffy stories, including comics, but after Season 11 ends I will be trade waiting. Said collected editions will then be read and reviewed at whatever point I choose.

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Almost nothing happens except some thinly veiled real world political commentary and the Scooby Gang learning a minuscule bit more about the baddie. Oh and now there is a ticking clock in the form of a magic redirecting satellite launch. So essentially we still may or may not know who the seasonal big bad is, but we definitely know the mystery is lacking clues for the finale's set-up. Also I found the pacing is still glacial.

  The previously mentioned flaws are not helped by two major art problems. First the art has a stupid moment of Spike biting a metal arm. I assume it is meant as a joke, but it is done with serious, if stilted, dialogue and during a straight up action scene so it fails. Finally there is the factor of characters looking off model at times, such as Dawn being unrecognizable from any previous appearance.

  Obviously there is some other stuff I could mention, but since it is negative as well I think it best I lessen the blow for the fandom. In other words this is simply not recommended!



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