Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 11 Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue is fast paced, and for the most part okay in the visuals. However, there are two major obvious failings and two subtle failings within the narrative. The initial flaw is how San Francisco was supposedly wrecked in issue one to the point that previous apocalypses such as Season 8's are not as a big a deal in comparison. Yet Rebekah Isaacs for whatever reason fails to indicate any such level of destruction. In fact the city of San Francisco looks completely fine when the Dragon is summoned to attack it again.

  Next is the factor of the big bad being a cyborg witch who is also the government's press secretary. Not only is this shades of Adam/Maggie Walsh/The Mayor/Willow/Amy rolled into one villain I don't believe we were ever shown this character before. Even if she made any cameos they were never properly pointed out, or set-up as clues.

 As for the subtle failings they are both found in how "thousands" of women are de-powered in a way that comes across like a rape/abuse metaphor and is repetitive of things from every season. To better explain I have to spoil that Willow suggests draining the "thousands" of slayers including Faith of their slayer power and amping Buffy with it. Yet they only have Faith's permission to remove and transfer all of the other slayers power back into Buffy. Thus they are literally and figuratively making victims of other women by stealing their rightful power. So imagine how many are dying or worse in various situations due to not expecting or agreeing to this spell.

  Finally we come to how this is all repetitive, which is best summed up by how Buffy and the Gang are just giving us the same metaphoric stories and not being actual characters who can grow. They are just cycling between initial stages as if they are still restricted by television standards and as if they were a Big Two (Marvel and DC) Superhero. If Buffy is going to just be the same old, same old and come off like a never fully realized character than why should we keep reading any of the series.

  In conclusion some of the worst fan produced works are thousands of times better than this extremely not recommended tripe.

  Not Recommended!

 P.S. Yes, I will be reviewing the last issue of this season.


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