Thursday, November 16, 2017

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Tarty Rick Jones Edition

1. The Incredible Hulk #406 (1993) is hindered from being a good comic due to Rick Jones is getting a happy ending instead of a bittersweet happy ending. Cause he should still be on his way to being arrested after his actions in this issue.

2. Also found in The Incredible Hulk #406 "The Power Of Sour" Shock Tarts advert is weird in that it is an anti-drug PSA which is also promoting the candy brand.

3. Wolverine #41 (1991) is riddled with coincidences. Also the inclusion of Cable is weak due to him doing less to help Logan than Jubilee and Forge (Note that Cable knows where Logan is while the other two are still wondering). Lastly the internal monologue from an initially unconscious Wolverine is given a flimsy reason for existing.

4. The Spectacular Spider-Man #147 (1989) has a decent narrative, but very rushed (i.e. sketchy) looking line and design work.

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