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X-O Manowar (2017) Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

 Andrew Dalhouse and Dave Sharpe have respectively done excellent work on the colors and lettering with this issue. Though Ryan Bodenheim and Matt Kindt also did good work they have a few stumbles. The main stumble is the pacing being a bit too drawn out by the choice of panel layouts. A minor visual stumble exists in one panel where a bit of pure negative space exists where a force field should be. Finally there is an odd choice of dialogue when one of the aliens asks another: "Is Your Gravity Deformed?"

  My verdict: This issue is overall a comeback to high quality. In other words it is recommended.

Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 7 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Well I don't like Saeko or Natsume anymore. Saeko may have been drunk, but she was sober when she ask Uehara to dinner. Also the fact that she never apologizes to Nao the morning after says a lot about her as a character. While Natsume stealing a kiss from an emotionally distraught Nao and then lying to her says bad things about him. I was actually hoping that Saeko and Natsume would end up together and be happy, but now I think they deserve to be together and miserable.

  As for the production details I think the lighting was great even when the shots could have been better. Not that the shots are ever terrible just that some seemed oddly chosen. Finally I think there still needed to be some character development for Daichi and the director and/or writer failed during this episode to do so. Cause Nanase went too quickly from being strong to weak, and Daichi seemed to not be allowed to say anything.

 Questions! Was I deluding myself into thinking Saeko and N…

Quantum + Woody! Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue is very much a character study and a possible farewell. Both are done very well with the exception of two things. The first problem how the darker scenes are colored causes them not to appear quite right (though that may just be my slight color blindness). While the second problem is leaving unsure for most of the issue a certain animal character's fate. Like is it alive or dead after this story ends? Cause Francis Portela's art is great in every other way, but informing readers of this little detail.

  Yes, I know I am being vague but this is a very recommended issue, especially for b-movie cinephiles.

  Very Recommended!

Codename: Sailor V Volume 2 Manga Opinion Piece

I am amazed how many Japanese musical acts, and jobs, are referenced in this volume. Also amazing is how over-sexualized Minako is made to act at times. For example after the blood donation to the Mosquito villain she starts undressing. This leaves me to wonder if Naoko Takeuchi was told to do this by her editor or if she chose to do this. That said this is a way goofier volume than the first or any of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Lastly I think that how this series deviates with the pet chapters really shows why this was the less popular of the two series.

  Questions! Is Artemis a horndog by alien cat standards? Why did Artemis confuse a dog for his future love Luna? Cause sense of smell should have been a tip-off. Would this make a good anime prequel to Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon Crystal if it was changed up somewhat? Possible changes could be the villains from the Pet Chapters being part of the Dark Agency and Adonis just being a monster summoned by her actual love interest.

Superman Issue 154 (1962) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   "The Underwater Pranks of Mr. Mxyzptlk" is a way better narrative than the back-up "Krypton's First Superman!" Mainly this is due to the amount of plot-holes the latter has compared to the former. For example the latter has a device for teleporting people in and out of the bottle city of Kandor. This is a major problem due to the fact that no one is being resized. Also there the latter story comes across as too simplistic due to things like the flashback being all about hypnosis. However, the former is problematic due to the gas that makes adults act like children, including the firemen heading to put out a fire.

   My verdict: Overall I can only recommend this issue for fans of the side-strips Ollie and Little Pete and fans of Mr. Mxyzptlk. Otherwise it is not recommended!

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This is a vast improvement of over issue 1. The narrative is better sequenced and looks for the most part excellent. However, in certain scenes there is a noticeable lack of backgrounds. Though the splashes of color help make it a little less noticeable than if it were all white backgrounds. Also Colin King seems out of character at times. For example when he is shocked by Bloodshot being alive.

   Finally I will say this is an overall great issue, but it still is not the revolutionary media product promised. The main problem is that none of this seems like deleted or extended material from what the Bat In The Sun and Valiant Entertainment co-produced digital series may show.

   Recommended for those wanting a sneak peak of the digital series or a good bit of quick entertainment. Not recommended for those wanting something new.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Fate's Strange Edition

1. Doctor Strangefate #1 (1996) is arguably the best of the Amalgam Comics cash grabs during the mid-point of the crossover DC Versus Marvel Comics. It has great visuals and terrific dialogue. The only problem is that we will probably never get to see anymore of the characters presented in it.

2. X-Patrol #1 (1996) has some problem areas in the art including whited out eyes and broken backs, but is pretty well done for a cash grab comic. Recommended for those looking for references and homages.

3. Showcase '96 #6 (1996) has two somewhat depressing yet otherwise good stories featuring Firestorm (Ronald Raymond), The Atom (Ray Palmer), and social issues. It also has a lighter story featuring the clone Superboy and Etrigan The Demon that somewhat balances things out. Recommended for those looking for a mix of topics and art styles. Rating wise I would advise 12 and up.

4. Thorion Of The New Asgods #1 (1997) is a cash grab blend of two properties (Thor and The New Gods) that Jack Kirb…

Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 6 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Daichi really needs to get a clue about Nanase being romantically interested in him. Also he is really undeveloped as a character, especially when one compares him to some of the one off characters. For example the guys who beat up Natsume. Speaking of Natsume kicking butt or trying to fight back would have been a more interesting character moment versus just taking the hits. My reasoning is due to how it would have suggested more of his possible past. Though I also expected Uehara drop his umbrella and punch Natsume. Make of that what you will.

  As for Saeko I found her awkwardness, and attempts to be casual, to be very relatable. Mainly due to having a similar level of ineptitude when it comes to expressing myself romantically. Yet while I like her attempting to express herself I feel that Natsume view on things was also logical. Heck, this whole episode displays several great romantic do's and don'ts.

   Questions! What was the beverage Nao and Natsu…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Generation Amalgam Edition

1. Generation Hex #1 (1997) is filled with pointless moments, weak to non-existent characterization, and visuals going off-model. Just avoid.

2. Red Circle Sorcery #6 (1974) is an anthology with stories that are too short, weirdly plotted, or in the case of the text piece not appropriate due to the series's title.

3. Shazam! #30 (1977) is a comic that has a great cover, but as soon as one gets a few pages in story starts falling apart. It also has several of the Marvel Family singing a makeshift chorus. There also is a literal phone call to the mythical Atlas. Finally they somehow got a curse word past the censors for a comic which though funny makes it something I can't give to friends' kids.

4. DC Comics Presents Annual #4 (1985) is not recommended due to one very stupid plot point. Said plot point involves a clerical error at an office that gives out travel permits for Time Travel. So a good portion of the comic relies on one minor error not being noticed or talked abou…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Final Thoughts On The Original Sailor Moon Anime

The first two series/seasons of the original anime are my favorites due to how their over-arcing storylines end. Though to be fair I can see some reasons for why there are fans of the later series/seasons. That said I really am confounded by Sailor Moon's movies essentially being the tonal basis for Sailor Moon Super S and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. By that I mean the tone of the later stuff is as divisive as the original movies. Finally while a lot of things are different from the manga the original anime has stood the test of time due to some of those differences.
   Final Questions! What is the total number people in each country who are fans of Sailor Moon? How many in each total number are more fans of the (Japanese) Sailor Moon Sailor Stars ending rather than the manga? Should the second Sailor Moon Crystal movie have some explanation of how the future of Crystal Tokyo comes about?

Ninja-K Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  There is a good balance to the flow of both stories in this issue. Also Ninja-G's story is very engaging in its writing and visuals. Though I think the coloring could have been a bit improved in very small areas, such as the one time where Ninja-G's lips look different from the other times. However, the coloring like the fight choreography is very well done overall. Finally the Ninja story ends with perfect hints of how the Acclimation Bureau started.

  Very Recommended for those who want a cool comic or those who like to buy things that would piss off bigots.

Bloodshot Salvation Issue 6 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is mostly strong on the dialogue, but there is an odd shift to include internal monologuing near the end. Also Renato Guedes provides a good amount of great expressions and character proportions. However, Guedes has some odd moments such as Capshaw wearing a lab coat instead of a military uniform. Another oddity is how Magic is walking when arriving at a location in her last present day scene for this issue. On a personal note I think the coloring could have used a few light choices in some places.

   My verdict: Recommended!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 34

This is a way more confusing ending than the manga version. Take for example there being no real explanation for how the dead characters come back to life. Also Chibi-Chibi comes back to life when she was not really dead, and perhaps not truly alive to begin with. Not to mention how Mamoru and the Sailor Stars act like they have known each other for a long time. Finally why is Usagi naked (despite no genitals or nipples) throughout most of this episode for no reason? Yes, nothing is visible, but that still doesn't cause it to suddenly make sense.

This Thursday I will give my final thoughts on the original anime version of Sailor Moon. Next Thursday I will be doing the second volume of Codename: Sailor V.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 33

Padding this episode with a rehash of Haruka and Michiru's last moments is really annoying. Besides making them seem more important than Mamoru and the others it is also too obvious. Personally I feel that if creators are going to pad out stuff it should be in the least important parts of a work. There is also the fact that we get less new content and the recycled bits (such as Fighter suddenly being healed when attacking) become more obvious. Finally I think the change in Chibi-Chibi's origin is interesting, but it is poorly done due to there being no real attempt or time to explore it.

   Question! Why do we get a mature rating warning from Hulu for this episode yet there is nothing to warn off Epileptics? Cause we get a lot of strobe effects going on during the major attacks.

Bloodshot Salvation Issue 7 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Massive Spoilers! Do Not Read If You Don't Want To Be Spoiled!

   This issue follows the along "darkness and nothing to see" gimmick for the most part. However, it eventually caves on the gimmick. It does this first with the shape of a fire-breathing creature. While that give is okay, and feels inventive, we then get some colored panels and then a full page visual on the last page. Thus, it feels like a bit of a failed gimmick. Finally though the writing and panel layouts feed the readers imagination during the gimmick pages this issue is just a one-off read.

  Not recommended, unless it is already going to be part of your monthly purchases, or you are wanting a complete series.

Armstrong And The Vault Of Spirits Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The narrative is disrupted by one typo, but it is not so jarring that readers will be completely taken out of the story. As for the Noah aspect of this story it both works and doesn't due to Fred Van Lente forgoing the flood concept. (What he replaces it with you can either guess at or read the comic). Though I feel his script is mostly strong on characterization despite the odd forgetfulness Armstrong and his ally demonstrate at the end. Finally while the visuals (color and art) are all quality stuff I feel they contrast a little bit more than necessary.


Recommended Comics List Of 4 Dome Horror Edition

1. Demeter (digitally released 2013) is a great horror story based around a doomed love affair. The art is full of exemplary line and design work courtesy of its creator/writer/art Becky Cloonan. My only compliant is the ending could be a bit clearer.

2. DC Comics Presents Annual #3 (1984) is a pretty straight forward superhero team-up. Yet the reason I am recommending it is due to how its a good example of how to do a Doctor Sivana and Captain Marvel/Shazam story. Sivana is presented as both a joke of a villain and at the same time a deadly. While Captain Marvel/Shazam is presented with a nice balance of fantasy and realistic logic. Lastly, collectors of moments where Superman is a jerk will find him being so in this story.

3. Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #48 (1976/1977) has some great art by each of the artists. Some of the art is even museum worthy quality in my opinion. Also the writing by Denny O'Neil is pretty strong in how it continues the characterization started by Jack…

Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 5 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  I found the ending of this episode to be good for story progression, but it is really oddly done. It seems odd to me due to how Nao only accuses Natsume of being "too flirty." With how Japanese socialization seems to my western perceptions I would have assumed there would be a little more than that. At least a "don't ever do that again" or a quicker reaction. Also odd was how the episode then closed with Nao angrily looking back and seeing Natsume's downtrodden reaction. I believe it should have ended with Natsume's exit from backstage.

  As for Daichi and Nanase I feel their romance and character development needs to happen or go away. Cause right now they have really not done anything, but add somber and slightly awkward moments. While on the opposite side of things they need to bring up the overeager fans of Uehara the way they earlier in the first two episodes.

  Finally I liked how they brought back, and majorly developed, th…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 32

The time the villain gives the heroes is so obviously just padding out the run time. Also I found Uranus and Neptune's plan to be really stupid, and only necessitated by the fact this is a weak adaptation of the final manga fight. Heck, it throws out the little amount of character growth relating to the outer scouts learning to work as a team with the other Sailor Guardians.

  Oddly while I should have been touched by Uranus and Neptune's death scene I was just bored and annoyed. It essentially contradicts how the other bracelet related deaths worked. Not to mention that it makes their deaths seem more important than Mamoru's or any of the others.

  Questions! How many fans think that Sailor Moon Crystal might work better with the movie route? (Said route is for how they are adapting the final two story arcs). Is Galaxia less effective as a villain due to how her powers seem to fluctuate or just her goals?

Quantum + Woody! Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue has a better blend of humor and drama than issue 1. A perfect example being the flashback showing why the troublesome brothers started their (recent) feuding. Also the color palette and art are still great. Though there could be a little less use of negative space. However, the excess use of negative space is nicely countered by the inventive use of page layouts. Speaking of which, the 360 degree chase scene is funny, but is going to be frustrating for several digital only readers. Finally the summary page could have been a little more consistent in how the bios were approached.