Codename: Sailor V Volume 2 Manga Opinion Piece

  I am amazed how many Japanese musical acts, and jobs, are referenced in this volume. Also amazing is how over-sexualized Minako is made to act at times. For example after the blood donation to the Mosquito villain she starts undressing. This leaves me to wonder if Naoko Takeuchi was told to do this by her editor or if she chose to do this. That said this is a way goofier volume than the first or any of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Lastly I think that how this series deviates with the pet chapters really shows why this was the less popular of the two series.

  Questions! Is Artemis a horndog by alien cat standards? Why did Artemis confuse a dog for his future love Luna? Cause sense of smell should have been a tip-off. Would this make a good anime prequel to Sailor Moon or Sailor Moon Crystal if it was changed up somewhat? Possible changes could be the villains from the Pet Chapters being part of the Dark Agency and Adonis just being a monster summoned by her actual love interest.


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