In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Episode 33

   Padding this episode with a rehash of Haruka and Michiru's last moments is really annoying. Besides making them seem more important than Mamoru and the others it is also too obvious. Personally I feel that if creators are going to pad out stuff it should be in the least important parts of a work. There is also the fact that we get less new content and the recycled bits (such as Fighter suddenly being healed when attacking) become more obvious. Finally I think the change in Chibi-Chibi's origin is interesting, but it is poorly done due to there being no real attempt or time to explore it.

   Question! Why do we get a mature rating warning from Hulu for this episode yet there is nothing to warn off Epileptics? Cause we get a lot of strobe effects going on during the major attacks.


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