Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 6 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Daichi really needs to get a clue about Nanase being romantically interested in him. Also he is really undeveloped as a character, especially when one compares him to some of the one off characters. For example the guys who beat up Natsume. Speaking of Natsume kicking butt or trying to fight back would have been a more interesting character moment versus just taking the hits. My reasoning is due to how it would have suggested more of his possible past. Though I also expected Uehara drop his umbrella and punch Natsume. Make of that what you will.

  As for Saeko I found her awkwardness, and attempts to be casual, to be very relatable. Mainly due to having a similar level of ineptitude when it comes to expressing myself romantically. Yet while I like her attempting to express herself I feel that Natsume view on things was also logical. Heck, this whole episode displays several great romantic do's and don'ts.

   Questions! What was the beverage Nao and Natsume drank at the bench? Is it only available in Japan? How come Nao figured out Uehara saw the list and yet she didn't see him crawling on the floor earlier in this episode? Cause he was very obvious at one point. Was there no time or just not enough budget to reshoot that scene?



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