Recommended Comics List Of 4 Fate's Strange Edition

1. Doctor Strangefate #1 (1996) is arguably the best of the Amalgam Comics cash grabs during the mid-point of the crossover DC Versus Marvel Comics. It has great visuals and terrific dialogue. The only problem is that we will probably never get to see anymore of the characters presented in it.

2. X-Patrol #1 (1996) has some problem areas in the art including whited out eyes and broken backs, but is pretty well done for a cash grab comic. Recommended for those looking for references and homages.

3. Showcase '96 #6 (1996) has two somewhat depressing yet otherwise good stories featuring Firestorm (Ronald Raymond), The Atom (Ray Palmer), and social issues. It also has a lighter story featuring the clone Superboy and Etrigan The Demon that somewhat balances things out. Recommended for those looking for a mix of topics and art styles. Rating wise I would advise 12 and up.

4. Thorion Of The New Asgods #1 (1997) is a cash grab blend of two properties (Thor and The New Gods) that Jack Kirby created. It has a relatively decent narrative. It is recommended for those who like tales of fictional deities with superhero trappings.


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