DC Comics Presents Issue 32 (1981) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The cover art has a poorly chosen color palette, especially those for the leaves and the sky. While the title text is overshadowed by the announcement of the back-up feature and the main story's stars. Not to mention Lois Lane's design has several flaws, most notably her right hand and knee.

  As for the interior visuals, the colors and art could be better in both tales, but are mostly fine. However, the stories lack energy, logic, and satisfying conclusions. In the case of the main narrative a simple explanation is all that keeps Wonder Woman from being arrested for attempting to murder Lois. Yes, she and Superman were under a love spell, but they should have called in help from others. Also it just feels like it goes from beginning to ending with only contrivances sustaining it. Finally the back-up relies on a question that is not fully answered by a possibly unreliable narrator.

  Not recommended!


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