Golden Harmony Robotech Episode 1 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Potential Spoilers!

  Wow! This really made me feel somewhat nostalgic for when I first encountered Robotech back in (I think) the early nineteen nineties. I especially love when the Captain is about to smoke and is stopped and then denies that he was going too. Also Rick Hunter being so casual about going into a dogfight against Aliens.

  Though I have to argue the most epic thing about this series (besides originally being three unconnected series) is the reason for the first Human/Zentradei fight. By that I mean it is really funny that whomever set the ship's giant lasers to fire when the Zentradei triggered the trap is at fault. Thus, the dead got a last laugh and that to me is epic for a first episode to have happen.

  Questions! Is the dated timeframe more of a problem for the majority or the minority of fans? Was that skirt shot censored? How many of those reading this post were first exposed to Robotech via VHS? Could real life aircraft actually be made to transform like they do in this series?


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