Golden Harmony Robotech Episode 2 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Back in my youth I honestly didn't notice how idiotic some of the characters act. I mean take the little kid Jason essentially acting like being stomped on by a giant robot is nothing to be concerned about. Yes, little kids often bounce back quickly and fail to see certain things as dangerous, but he really comes across as more foolish than Scrappy-Doo. Although this whole episode is really nothing but a comedy of errors in how many things go wrong for the characters.

  Speaking of errors I noticed a brief glitch-like motion blur when Rick moves his head at one point. However, that didn't take me out of watching this episode. Yet I did have a minute where I misremembered the jump into Space as happening in this episode and that took me out of the viewing experience.

  Questions! Why does the Senator act, and get treated, like he can command the Captain to do anything? I mean shouldn't someone be above the Senator in the chain of command? Why did no one test the alien gravity thrusters on the ship before that day?


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