Golden Harmony Robotech Episode 4 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This episode is the first to just do a last episode summary versus that and a series premise. Personally  I think that is an interesting fact to know. Another thing I like is how we see the passage of time from different points of view. Not to mention that the giant fish looks visually stunning, scary, and hilarious at the same time. There is also the fact that this is an episode with tense and relaxed moments despite being quieter than the last three.

  As for the negatives I think the added narration during the episode is helpful yet annoying. By that I mean it helps fill in gaps as to how dire things are, but it somewhat spoils future moments in the episode. Another annoyance is the shower scene showing Minmay naked, but it really serves very little in terms of characterization, comedy, or dramatic tension. Not to mention that I think she is fifteen at the time so... EWW!

 Questions! Was the fish from Earth or the lunch of one of the aliens that died on Macross island? Anyone else wondering what was in the boxes Rick and Minmei climb on?


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