Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Sore Man Thor Edition

1. Thor #157 (1968) has a literal Deux Ex Machina that makes little to no sense. Also the character of the Recorder is just a device to for Stan Lee to exposit.

2. Showcase '96 #1 (1996) has one talking heads story with Aqualad/Tempest that is rather dull. While the Steel and Guy Gardner/Warrior story is ugly and poorly structured. Finally the Metropolis S.C.U. story only stars Dan Turpin, and is thread-bare narrative.

3. Showcase '96 #3 (1996) has three narratives that each come off as badly written public service announcements.

4. Teen Confessions #96 (1976) has some good advice in the letters column, but all the narratives are of low-quality. Heck, there is even some unnecessary fan service in the final story.


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