Recommended Comics List Of 4 Ghost Starring Edition

1. Action Comics #999 (2018) is a decent enough epilogue to the last story arc. It also serves as a bit of a jumping on or off point before issue one thousand.

2. Filmation's Ghostbusters #2 (1987) is a great book to give to kids, especially if you can find a copy with the activities still available.

3. The Linda Lovecraft story from Star*Reach #3 (1975) is well-textured. Also the story is amusing in a Mad Magazine type way. Though there are some problems with the suggestion of movement and Linda's bare feet at times. However, the line work and overall designs are exemplary.

4. Marvel Feature #12 (1973) is a decent comic in terms of the visuals. Also the team-up between Iron Man and The Thing is both believable and logical. Though I feel Thanos and the Blood Brothers act sort of illogical in terms of their methods of attacks.


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