Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wonder Wander Mix Edition

1. Wonder Woman #100 (1995) has terrible art, colors, & writing. In fact this narrative presents examples of both the "Women in Refrigerators" trope and why comics from the 1990s get a bad wrap.

2. The Adventures Of Superman #618 (2003) has a very inaccessible narrative that I personally didn't understand.

3. Master Of Kung Fu #85 (1980) has the main character being called a racist nickname. Also the pacing is slightly slow. Finally there is a lazy bit of reference in the form of a Casablanca rip-off.

4. Red Tornado #4 (1985) has an unappealingly designed cover. However, the main reason this issue is not recommended is due to the lack of aftermath from such a major villainous event.


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