Omoikane and others please bless Good Morning Call Our Campus Days Episode 10 Opinion Piece

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This episode is as far as I know the final one, and I feel kind of cheated. Mainly cause we don't get a hint of a wedding, or even just them moving back to the place they originally lived together. Those two things would have made this a somewhat okay series or season (Whichever you want to call it). Instead we just get an endpoint that tells us they went on some trip, had sex, and made new friends out of rivals. In other words not much happened to justify this continuation of Good Morning Call.

   Questions! If this series continues should Netflix and Fuji Television just make a movie where the main characters just get married? Personally that is really all I can see them left being able to do with this series in terms of comedy and drama. Why did they never talk about the courses Nao and Uehara were taking? Does Nao's mom know about the break-up period, or the deception to win the Beef?

  My final thought is that if this is not continued in some way we should at least get the Manga translated and the whole series on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital.


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