Recommended Comics List Of 4 Cross War Stars Edition

1. Star Wars #12 (1978) has nice pacing. Also decent art from Carmine Infantino and Terry Austin. Finally Archie Goodwin provides a script that gets the character's personalities and voices right.

2. & 3. Jack Cross #'s 3 & 4, (2005, 2006) are recommended for those who want a comic styled after the television show 24, but with a less nationalistic mentality. Though they should be read after 1 and 2 to avoid ruining the ending.

4. The Kenner Chip-Away Sets advert found on and in certain comics from 1972 (Ex. Hanna-Barbera The Hair Bear Bunch). Its range of colors is delightfully bright. Also it made me actually desire this outdated product that probably wouldn't live up to the ad's hype.


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