Recommended Comics List Of 4 Primitive Mouse Huts Edition

1. Walt Disney's Comics And Stories Vol. 28 #8 (1968) is a pretty good anthology. The art is typical 1960s Disney, but the stories are mostly timeless. One fictional device has a somewhat questionable name, but the reference will go over kids' heads.

2. Anthro #2 (1968) is a silver age comic that has some mad magazine aspects during the humorous moments. The texture is rich and the line work is strong. Very much a forgotten gem that was ahead of its time.

3. Walt Disney Super Goof #42 (1977) has a few problems with sequencing and a rather bland cover, but it is filled with some entertaining Super Goof stories.

4. Blue Beetle #50 (1965) has mostly static visuals, but the characters are well designed. Also the script is a bit flawed, but well-thought. Recommended for those looking for a decent comic that isn't from Marvel or DC. Also recommended for fans of the Blue Beetle characters.


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