Robotech: Countdown Softcover Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Each issue compresses about one and a half to two episodes worth of story into a single story. This makes for slim to none characterization and a rushed feel overall. What characterization is present is often the opposite of how the characters were portrayed in the anime. The main problem with the writing is how grim and hateful of the franchise things feel, especially after a great introduction by Greg Finley (the voice actor for Captain Gloval).

  However, this softcover has some positives such as the art being mostly impressive in the mid to latter issues. The colors are also nicely suited to the art and the lettering is neatly placed without crowding out the art. So if Titan comics can slow down the pace with the next two story arcs and get better scripts, or another writer on board, this could turn out to be a respected reboot.

  Barely Recommended!


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