Recommended Comics List Of 4 Wilted Wilton Edition

1. Action Comics #701 (1994) has an overly muscular Superman, but otherwise has nice aesthetics for its time. While the story is deftly executed.

2. The text story "Who Did It?" from More Fun Comics #73 (originally published in 1941, reprinted in 2001) has some odd choices for eye color and the two art panels. However, it is a story that holds up to this day.

3. Pendragon (also called Knights Of Pendragon) #1 (1992) has a few problems yet is overall a decent attempt at both restarting and continuing the original series (The Knights Of Pendragon).

4. The Knights Of Pendragon #14 (1991) has amazingly realistic visuals by Gary Erskine, Bambos Georgia, & Euan Peters. While the cover by Colin MacNeil is visceral and haunting. The style of speech for T'Challa/The Black Panther is a little off, but is not bad enough to be a flaw. I highly recommend this issue.


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