Superboy Issue 143 (1967) Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The interesting cover art and text suggests a moment that doesn't really exist in this issue. By that I mean the event happens, but it is in no way as intense or good looking. Instead we get house style for Superboy that was in practice at the time. Also "The Big Fall" is an incorrect title for the first story due to it being a poorly written power-swapping story. Though the second story is mis-titled as well it is at least a somewhat intriguing mystery.

  Both stories have flawed narratives. The former has a mis-coloring of Superboy's legs; no explanation why an exiled sorcerer got a pyramid and mummification; and there is a mistake regarding vision powers and the metal lead. While the latter has too much text and Superboy going off-model when making facial expressions.

  Not Recommended!


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