The Prisoner (2018) Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Those expecting Patrick Mcgoohan's Number Six to be the protagonist in this series will be disappointed. Though he is referenced in various ways he has yet to fully appear in this series. Also there is no clear idea whether this continues from both the original 1960s series and the DC Comics published sequel mini-series or just the original. Whatever the case the writing is excellent and has the right touch of weirdness to intrigue those who have never seen The Prisoner.

  As for the art I feel that it is subtly strong in its style. Also subtly done is Joana Lafluente's application of the colors. Finally Simon Bowland did a fine job on lettering.

   Very Recommended!

 Opinion based addendum: I suggest going for the covers by Michael and Laura Allred or Jack Kirby cause I think they are the most interesting.


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