Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Way Of The Thing Edition

1. Marvel Two-In-One #26 (1977) has some artistic problems mainly in terms of facial expressions. Though some lettering and writing mistakes exist as well. Arguably the biggest problem is a supporting character being completely forgotten by the creative team for several panels.

2. The Bat-Man story from Detective Comics #28 (1939) reads like a poorly thought out Zorro story, especially with how it ends. While the art is only relatively okay (for the standards of its time).

3. Though Detective Comics #29's story starring The Bat-Man is way worse. Partly because Bruce Wayne does several things that should reveal his dual identity, but mainly due to the racist elements of the character Jabba. This story is also from 1939.

4. The Avengers #204 (1981) has poor use of negative space on the cover, and the interiors have too many long-distance shots. The writing ranges from decent to slightly less than decent. Not to mention the pacing is a little wonky as well.


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