Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 GalactIc Hunger Of Prose Edition

1. Avengers #12 (1997) has some troubling panel composition in a few places. It is also reliant on both prior issues and other titles of its time. Finally the Avengers don't really do anything.

2. The Vision And The Scarlet Witch #1 (1985) has fine art, but the writing is uneven. Also there are some mistakes on the lettering front. Finally there are some racist elements that I believe may be unintentional.

3. Little Lotta #71 (1967) has narratives that just feel like the editor(s) said "Meh... Good enough!" In other words all the scripts feel like they could have used one more rewriting.

4. Silver Surfer/Superman: Pop (1996) has lettering mistakes, over-reliance on standard continuity (at least for Superman), characters being over or under written. However, the weirdest problem is arguably that the ending essentially "resets" things, but at the same time nothing is "reset."


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