Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hour Comical Edition

1. Hourman #8 (1999) has great visuals and an effective tie-in to that year's event series Day Of Judgement. Yet I would say the main draw is how the narrative excludes the titular superhero in order to develop the supporting cast.

2. Superman Family #211 (1981) is a bit of a rarity due to being an anthology title with all good stories. The most recommended are the Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Supergirl stories.

3. Hourman #7 (1999) has some interesting visuals and really great coloring. Though some elements like the phone are dated now.

4. The Vision And The Scarlet Witch #11 (1986) is a bit slow in how it is paced. Also it is heavier on the guest-star's (Spider-Man) characterization than the stars of the book. Yet it is still a decent book for lovers of this relationship.


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