The title is confusing since the regular cover says "Season 12" in the upper corner, but is subtitled "The Reckoning" in the main logo. Arguably worse is that the placement of the text on the regular cover seems both too close and too far.

  As for the interiors, the letterer apparently missed putting in a word in one of the last two word balloons. Though this is not as bad as how the colorist apparently lightened some of the shading in a very obvious way (example the first panel featuring Spike). While the art is mostly okay on likenesses, and the design of demons, it continually fails to have Giles wearing glasses or actual backgrounds.

   Yet, the most grievous problem is how rushed, insipid, and disconnected the script feels. For example Buffy is said to be 30 years old in this and yet that would mean this season is set in 2010 at the earliest. Not to mention that we are jumped forward a year in time and most of the characters have regressed. Two examples of this regression are Giles is an adult and Spike is calling Buffy by her title of "Slayer" again. Another bit of stupidity is Mayor Richard Wilkins apparently never died, and yet no one noticed a giant talking snake demon leaving Sunnydale after Season 3's finale. Finally we just have characters say and do things only because the narrative needs to move forward.

  In conclusion this is a piss poor first issue of what is supposedly the finale to the seasonal arcs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

   Extremely Not Recommended!


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