Warning Of Spoilers!

   This episode is kind of a checklist of things that make up Robotech. Yes, we mainly get the repercussions on the cast of characters, and the random civilians, but we also get the action, backstory, and everything else. Heck, the only real progress for the overall plot is the idiot Khyron exclaiming that he wants the earthlings to die and any survivors to fear him. However, this episode is still worth watching despite the checklist feel to things, and the annoying addition of Kyle.

   Questions! Is Lisa Hayes one of the inspirations for Sailor Jupiter's "Senpai notice me!" behavior? Is Kyle a distant enough cousin to Minmay that the apparent suggestion of romance is relatively okay? Why was Kyle involved in the restaurant fight at all? Finally how long did the Zentraedi Three Stooges go with out food?


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