Warning of Possible Spoilers for Entries 2 and 4 of this post. 

1. Fawcett Movie Comic #20 (1952) is the official comic adaption of the movie Ivanhoe starring Elizabeth Taylor. I don't know how closely it follows the movie, but it feels very ant-semitic in places. Not to mention the comic ends abruptly with a few plot threads still dangling. Though the art is rather nice in terms of the designs, style, and proportions.

2. The Magdalena/Daredevil #1 (2008) has too much being told to the reader via text and not enough shown by the art. In fact several pages are overly heavy with omniscient narrator type exposition. Lastly, this is a story where the characters exist in the same universe (despite being from two different companies), and yet The Magdalena does not recognize him at first. In others words a pointless fight happens before the team-up.

3. Mandrake The Magician #7 (1967) has the main story get interrupted by the Brick Bradford story. Also all stories, including the text story, are very poorly written. The Mandrake feature has some cringeworthy elements. While the Brick Bradford is just pointless action and reaction with no real plot. Finally the text story is just a rather generic horror story.

4. Mandrake The Magician #8 (1967) has three stories. The first features Mandrake and Lothar in a pulp novel style plot involving a little girl, her doll, and a drug-smuggling ring. It is poorly paced, and the art is kind of static. Also the bad guys are over-reactive idiots who tip off Mandrake to the smuggling. The last two stories are about an urban legend and Julias Caesar. Both are just weakly executed and rather forgettable.


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