Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has two artists, but there does not seem to be much difference to the pages Hendry Prasetya worked on the art of. That said there is a barely obvious difference between colorists, Marco Lesko and John Charles, despite only one page being done by the latter. It just seems better applied and a tint or tone different. The final comment I have about the visuals of this issue is that the alternate covers look vastly superior in design versus the main cover.

  As for the text, the lettering is okay, though I am not a fan of the choice of font used for Dolza's hologram. While the writing feels a bit overdone on the summary page the amount of plot and characterization we get in the story is very commendable. In fact I feel that few writers these days could do such a good job with so many plot lines and such a large cast.



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