Trigger Warning Due To Talk Of Harassment and Non-Consensual Acts! Links are included to provide evidence.

   The Youtuber Alexander McKechnie (@Exurb!a) is alleged to have raped activist Pieke Roelofs (@PhotoandGrime). Pieke Roelofs is currently seeking legal action against him and been vocal about it. However, several other youtubers (Knowing Better, Casually Explained, Kurz Gesagt, Wendover Productions, CGP Grey, Real Engineering) are supporting @Exurb!a by harrassing Pieke Roleofs. Examples of this include bribery in exchange for silence by Wendover Productions and other evidence that Pieke Roelofs has posted screen-caps of on her twitter page.

   Provided below is Pieke Roelofs's most recent recounting of the events.

   Note: Upon researching through her Twitter timeline I noticed a disturbing trend of stories about youtubers who have been accused of rape. This is disturbing due to the volume, and the relatively recent related story about Channel Awesome less than awesome history.

   Note 2: There will be a follow-up interview with Pieke Roelofs at a later date.


  1. I have been a victim of Multi Rapes #metoo first time at 9 years old. Ganged raped in Las Vegas Nevada as well. I stand with you. I am vocal Hugs ..


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