1. Justice League Of America #180 (1980) is more an issue starring Zatanna and guest-starring Firestorm than a Justice League story. This would not be a bad thing if the rest of the leaguers didn't come across as ineffective. Also the plot is padded and very generic.

2. Weird Western Tales #58 (1979) has some overt racism in the form of a slur, and there are elements of historical inaccuracy that are unintentionally racist. Not to mention the story is padded. Also the main connecting plot point of a dead Union Army officer is way too subtly implied.

3. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories Vol. 29 #8 (1969) is hard to pinpoint as to who would enjoy it. Yes, fanatical collectors of Disney merchandise may find it entertaining, but the average person will probably just find it dull (like I did).

4. Action Comics #416 (1972) has a Superman story that essentially contains three to four plots with no real good connection. This story also has only a small amount of development for each plot. While the Metamorpho back-up story is nicely drawn, but feels lacking on plot and characterization.


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